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Getting Married Abroad

I want to register my foreign marriage in Scotland. How do I do this?

Only marriages that occur in Scotland can be registered in Scotland.

Prior to 1 January 2014, foreign marriages documents could be deposited with this office using a service provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Photocopies of these documents can still be obtained from this office for a fee. Details of the marriage are also included in our marriage indexes.

From 1 January 2014, the FCO have discontinued this service and British nationals overseas will need to make their own arrangements for the safekeeping of these certificates, as they do for other important documents.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website explains the decision in more detail.

However, you may be interested to know about our Book of Scottish Connections (BSC). The BSC is a public record that allows people all over the world, with a Scottish connection, to apply for a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership abroad to be recorded in the BSC held by the Registrar General in Edinburgh.

For more information please see our section on the Book of Scottish Connections.


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